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 Skylar Nott

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Skylar Nott
Ravenclaw Fifth Year
Ravenclaw Fifth Year
Skylar Nott

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PostSubject: Skylar Nott   Skylar Nott EmptyFri Aug 12, 2016 7:03 am

Skylar Nott Tumblr_noigjbBbx21s9xwjjo1_500_zpseyxw9q53

Skylar Nott 2mysopi
Name: Skylar Anastasia Nott
Nicknames: Skye
Age: 15
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: Great Britain
Current Home: England or Hogwarts
Nationality: English
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 10 inches, Ash, Dragon Heartstring, Sturdy

Skylar Nott Nvoduh
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Long and Wavy
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Skinny
Height: 5.8
Other Distinguishing Features: She tends to wear make up.
Clothing Style: Skylar tends to dress casual such as dresses or perhaps a pair of jeggings, during the winter she tends to wear lots of sweaters, since she obsessed with sweaters and tends to wear boots and shoes such as vans or converse. She also can be seen wearing hats or sometimes a vintage casual. Truly whatever pleases her she can be seen wearing, since she is not at all picky.  

Skylar Nott 250t5p0
- Singing ( she tends to write her own songs )
- Playing the Guitar
- Reading Books ( prefers romance and mystery )
- Transfigurations ( since Professor Shaw is the best )
- Airthmancy ( yes she is a math nerd )
- Her Two Best Friends
- Photography
- Traveling ( she hopes to travel one day )
- Her twin brother and little sister

- Bullying others
- Dark Arts
- Her friends doing something stupid
- Cowards
- Death Eaters
- Bullies
- Anicent Runes
- Her mother Pansy

- Dark Arts
- Anicent runes
- Has to much compassion
- Her mother ( she always brings her down )
- Tends to worry too much

- Airthmancy ( its her best subject )
- Transfigurations
- Dueling
- Playing the Guitair
- Writing
- Making Friends
- Coming up with ideas

Positive Traits
- Intelligent
- Quirky
- Bookworm
- Compassionate
- Kind
- Creative
- Wise
- Responsible
- Organized

Negative Traits
- Moody
- Annoying
- Reserved
- Sensitive
- Focused
- Competitive

Skylar Nott K4c6zl
Father's Name: Theodore Nott
Age: 35
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Head of Department of Mysteries and Former Slytherin
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Pansy Nott ( nee Parkinson )
Age: 35
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Housewife and Former Slytherin
Status: Living ( she wishes she was deceased )

Older Brother's Name: Theodore Nott Jr.
Age: 19
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: University Student, Death Eater Recruit, and Former Slytherin
Status: Living

Older Sister's Name: Morgana Penelope Nott
Age: 17
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Hogwarts Seventh Year
Status: Living

Twin Brother's Name: Callum Reginald Nott
Age: 15 ( 5 minutes younger )
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupation: Gryffindor Fifth Year
Status: Living

Younger Sister's Name: Claire Nott
Age: 13
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupation: Ravenclaw Third Year
Status: Living

Younger Brother's Name: Dunstan Thomas Nott
Age: 11
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Hogwarts First Year
Status: Living

Name: Dionysus
Age: 4
Species: Scops Owl
Status: Living

Skylar Nott 14ta1pl
Skylar life growing up was not exactly easy, since she was the second daughter of Theodore and Pansy Nott. Which in her mind were the two worst people you could have as your parents, and basically since day one Skylar and her mother never got along. Well they did when she was younger, but as years went on they began to have a hateful relationship. Which meant most of the time Skylar spent was either by herself where she often began reading books and also writing.

Since her time was mostly spent by herself, where she was either reading books in her family's enormous library. Where she would often take books to her room, and had spent most of her childhood reading. Which one could say she had read a lot, and she often spent a lot of time with her brother Callum who would stick up for her when she needed him too. Although she did prefer to spend time reading books on her own.

Which in many cases was her best way of growing up, and at age six was when she showed her first signs of magic. In some ways it grabbed the attention of her mother who sometimes realized that perhaps Skylar was actually quite gifted more gifted than Morgana who would often tease Skylar which in many cases made Skylar sad.

Although at age eight was when Skylar started to grow a love for music, from hearing it being played by her neighbors. Who she would often sneak over too where the lady that lived their would also teach her how to play guitar, and in many cases the lady who was someone named Beatrice Kent, who she in many cases had been a mother to her. Since aside from her spending time alone in her bedroom, she was at the Kent's.

Since her own mother never cared about her, well in her mind never cared about her, and Beatrice had been one to teach her how to a lot of stuff such as playing guitar. Although when Skylar turned eleven she recieved her Hogwarts letter, which had been a life changer for her where should finally make two people who where her best friends.

That being Madison Shaw and Nebula Black, who to this days were really the two best friends she ever had aside from her twin brother, Beatrice, and her little sister. Since her three others siblings were basically poster children of her two parents. Who she could not stand the only she could tolerate was Theodore who loved her and had tried his best to stick up for her, although her twin did more of that.

When she got to Hogwarts she had been sorted into Ravenclaw where she flourished and out of her friends she had been the smartest. And had flourished in Transfigurations although once she got into her third year and took Airthmancy she flourished there instead. Which had in many cases grew to be her favorite class of all.

So one could say her first four years at Hogwarts had been amazing, and she had been able to make friends without a problem. Which she would often write Beatrice about how she made friends and had been popular by her third year, and soon in her fourth year being on the list of the most popular children in the school. As well as one of the best students in her year and had been studying for OWLS since day one.

Which all amounted to her recieving a prefect badge during the summer, which was something her parents prized children could never receive, well perhaps Theodore did but Morgana not exactly. So one could say Skylar had made her own name in Hogwarts, and continues now that her fifth year is about to start.

Making her ready for the next thing.  

Skylar Nott 5fg840
The Nott family had been apart of the Sacred-Twenty Eight, and also loyal supporters of the Death Eaters since the day they started. Which could say that the Nott's have always been evil and still are to this day. Since ever since the news of the death eaters starting again, had lead that Nott to side with them. And as for Theodore and Pansy, they tend to not even acknowledge them. Leaving them to praise only the two oldest since they are displaying the traits they value.

Which is being exactly like them and are siding with the death eaters. Since the younger ones aren't exactly siding with them. Even though the younger ones are proven to be better to society then their older siblings. Growing their parents to hate them, and in their mind something they truly don't care about.

Since now its time for the younger generation.
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Cassiopeia Malfoy
Hufflepuff Third Year
Hufflepuff Third Year
Cassiopeia Malfoy

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PostSubject: Re: Skylar Nott   Skylar Nott EmptySun Aug 14, 2016 2:58 pm

Skylar Nott Wldg8g

Skylar Nott 309rm2w
Never judge the book by it's cover (same goes for people)
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Skylar Nott
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