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 Adrienne Cambount

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Adrienne Cambount
Head of Levesque
Head of Levesque
Adrienne Cambount

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PostSubject: Adrienne Cambount    Adrienne Cambount   EmptyFri Aug 12, 2016 8:02 am

Adrienne Cambount   Tumblr_mncmsiMTwa1qhrl8io1_500_zpssy6dehvc

Adrienne Cambount   2mysopi
Name: Adrienne Marie Cambount
Nicknames: Adri
Age: 25
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: Marsielle, France
Current Home: Marsielle, France ( Her Apartment )
Nationality: French
School: Beauxbatons
Sexual Orientation: Beauxbatons
Wand: 12 inches, Rowan, Unicorn Tail Hair, Flexible

Adrienne Cambount   Nvoduh
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Hair Style: Adrienne's hair is long and tends to be rather wavy.
Eye Color: Blue
Body Type: Skinny
Height: 5.6
Other Distinguishing Features: None
Clothing Style: Adrienne tends to wear anything from dresses to a pair of jean and boots, even though she prefers dresses, skirts, mostly business casual. Although she tends to wear average clothing such as jeans or a jacket with boots. Even though she can mostly be found in dresses and perhaps a nice jacket to top it. Since she prefers to look nice.

Adrienne Cambount   250t5p0
- Mythology
- Headmistress Shaw ( she is friends with her )
- Knowledge
- Order of the Phoenix
- Creatures
- Mental Magic
- Children ( she finds them amazing and promising )
- Teaching Her Knowledge

- Her brother ( she finds him to be oblivious )
- Death Eaters ( she wants them all dead )
- Cruelty
- Violence
- Being taken advantage of
- Alcoholics
- Pureblood Society ( although she is pureblood )

- Her brother ( she has to fix everything for him )
- Dark Arts ( it isn't in her nature )
- Violence
- She tends to be moody at times
- Men ( she never has luck )

- Children
- Teaching others
- Good with people
- Super Knowledgeable
- Mythology
- She has a kind heart
- Making Friends

Positive Traits:
- Friendly
- Intelligent
- Loving
- Family-Oriented
- Bookworm
- Creative
- Sympathetic
- Understanding
- Honest
- Loyal
- Wise
Negative Traits:
- Sarcastic
- Moody
- Cynical ( at times )
- Arrogant ( at times )
- Over-Protective
- Emotional

Adrienne Cambount   K4c6zl
Father's Name: Alezan Louis Cambount I
Age: 64
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: College Professor of Mythology and Former Foix
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Caroline Constance Cambount ( nee Valois )
Age: 63
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Ministry Worker and Former Levesque
Status: Living

Older Brother's Name: Alezan Louis Cambount II
Age: 42
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Ministry Worker and Former Foix
Status: Living

Older Brother's Name: Markius Chasen Cambount
Age: 38
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: English Minister of Magic and Former Foix
Status: Living

Older Sister's Name: Aurore Clementine Cambount
Age: 33
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Ministry Worker and Former Foix
Status: Living

Younger Brother's Name: Marquis Maison Cambount
Age: 23
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Beauxbaton's Professor and Former Aucoin
Status: Living

Children: None yet

Name: Andre
Age: 8
Species: Snowy Owl
Status: Living

Name: Florence
Age: 2
Species: White Cat
Status: Living

Other Key Members: She has quite a few!!

Adrienne Cambount   14ta1pl
Adrienne grew up as the second daughter and the second youngest of Alezan and Caroline Cambount who had two daughters in a row. Which meant the only girl she had aside from her mother was her sister Aurore who she had always been close with. Even though they had a age difference they still had made time for each other. Alhough Adrienne mostly spent her childhood reading books on mythology which she loved from a young age.

Which had been her best class in everything she had mythology in, even though she had been also a reader of fantasy novels. Since she always loved hearing stories of legends and learning about history, making her a mythology genius. Although when she turned six she had displayed her first signs of magic which had been changing the color of her room to a light green which was her favorite color.

Ever since she showed her first signs of magic she had been thrilled that one day she knew she would be going to go to Beauxbatons since she found that school fit her. As well as the fact that was her family's school where they had flourished even though she was different from them and found love for knowledge like her parents. Who both taught her much of the knowledge she knew before attending Beauxbatons.

Once she turned she had received her Beauxbaton letter which she soon attended and had been placed in Judiciuex which was where she flourished. Mostly doing well in each of her classes mostly Mythology and Mind Magic. And mostly spending her time in the library where she would constantly be doing her homework. Which had caused her to flourish and everything in her classes.

Leading her to becoming prefect in her fifth year which she had done her best at the job that was given to her. And achieving Outstandings on all of her OWLS which had proved Adrienne intelligence which she possessed and soon carrying it into her seventh year where she achieved Outstandings on her NEWTS. Leading her to an respected spot in the university where she flourished in Mind Magic and Mythology.

Upon graduating she had soon heard about the opening of Mythology professor at Beauxbatons which she applied for and soon got the job which she had done quite well soon being offered the position of head of her former house which she gladly took. Since it meant she could put some good in the world to those students in her old house.

Although in the pass couple of years since her brother became minister she had grown to not exactly like how he acted. Leaving them to have somewhat of an strained relationship due to her thinking he is oblivious and lets others control him while he collects the money. Leaving her to not exactly side with her brother and side with her friends.

Meaning she wants to see the demise of her brother as minister or perhaps him grow some balls and stand up for himself and his family. Since she knows someone is controlling the mind of her older brother and she is determined to stop that and pass her knowledge in the world and be the best she can be.    

Adrienne Cambount   5fg840
The Cambounts had been around for centuries dating back to one of the first families in France, and one that is stuck in a feud which dates backs to today. The Cambounts can often be considered as the average pureblood family who despises muggles, and wants the wizarding world clean of them. Which was shown by one of them being Francis Cambount who had been apart of the king of France royal court. Even though in many cases some of the family members vary on their beliefs, and as for the Cambount it is the very same. Some support muggles and others do not. Although many Cambounts thrive to succeed which is based off how many of them have very good jobs and always had. As well as being very respected members in courts, and in the ministry of magic.

Many of the Cambounts, had been in either Foix or Levesque, even though some have been in Aucoin as well have gone to numerous schools although many have stuck to the family school of being Beauxbatons, and had been friends with the founders which ended in them feuding. Even though the Cambounts do not have a side in the Capetian/Foix family fued, they still support them secretly and that being Foix. Due to them being considered the most powerful family in wizarding France. Although the Cambounts are quite powerful they still are not apart of the most powerful families perhaps the wealthiest of the bunch. Even though most of that goes to the Foix family and Capetian who still argue to this day, leaving the Cambounts to deal with their own problems.

Which has been proven as one of the members being a supporter of death eaters, well one who only does his work if it involves money. And leaving him to be merely a pawn to the death eaters making his cabinet being rather corrupt then having some who support the Shaws which a few do. Since the Cambounts are on either sides due to having many members they support different sides and always have. Even though little do they know it could end up destroying there family.
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Adrienne Cambount
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