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 Josh Dragomir

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Josh Dragomir
Gryffindor Seventh Year
Gryffindor Seventh Year
Josh Dragomir

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Location : London, England

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PostSubject: Josh Dragomir   Josh Dragomir EmptySat Aug 13, 2016 12:17 am

Josh Dragomir Ty65s7W

Josh Dragomir 2mysopi
Name: Joshua Dragomir
Nicknames: Josh
Date Of Birth: February 5th
Age: 17
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Current Home: London, England
Nationality: English
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Straight as a board
Wand: Springy, 13 Inches, Rowan, Dragon Heartstring

Josh Dragomir Nvoduh
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: His hair is generally down to just above his eye in the form of side-parted bangs, but at times ends up a little higher up on his head when he moves them to keep them out of his eyes. He also has a mustache. And a beard.
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Muscular
Height: 6'3
Other Distinguishing Features:
Clothing Style: In school, Dragomir can be found wearing his usual Hogwarts Gryffindor uniform, robes and garb, whatever counts. Outside of Hogwarts, he may be more commonly seen wearing a black leather jacket, with a loose blue t-shirt, black trackpants and black boots. In the wintertime, he might be found wearing a heavier jacket, but otherwise the attire doesn't change much besides that. His formal attire is generally a black suit with a black tie over a white dress shirt.
Detailed Appearance: Dragomir looks to be in his late teens, with long blonde hair and brimming brown eyes, as people tend to refer to them as. His hair is generally down to just above his eye in the form of side-parted bangs, but at times ends up a little higher up on his head when he moves them to keep them out of his eyes. He also has a mustache. And a beard. Standing at about 6'3, and bound to grow more before his time is done, Dragomir has a slim but muscular build, nothing too dramatic, but it's clear that he keeps himself in very good shape, likely as a result of upbringing influences. While he had a blemish and acne issue in earlier years, it appears to have cleared up in recent years, and Dragomir finds himself stared or giggled at for his looks from time to time, though he tries not to let it get to his head. It's been mentioned to him in the past that he has big hands, usually followed up by some kind of quirk, quip or flirt on the end of Mr. Dragomir in response.

Josh Dragomir 250t5p0
Likes: Women, Acts of compassion, dragons, generally most animals for that matter, kids, jokes, flirtation, cracking wise, steak, pork, burgers & bacon, adventure, exploration
Dislikes: Rude sorts (Or as he says, bloody f'ing wankers), someone who would violate the sanctity of a relationship via means such as using or cheating, cheaters in games, manipulative people, selfish acts, spiders, wasps, bees, dark magic, dementers, lying, crowds
Weaknesses: Not A Great Single-Person Dancer, Fears Disappointing People He Cares For, Not Very Good With Potions, Uncomfortable In A Crowd.
Strengths: Physically strong and fit, Intelligent, Fearless, Great Broom Flyer, Great Duelist
Positive Traits: Compassionate, Courageous, Generous, Outgoing, Confident, Physically strong and fit, Ambitious.
Negative Traits: Brutally Honest To A Fault, Mischievous, Stubborn, Headstrong, Overbearing, Fluctuating Attention Span, Doesn't Always See Social Cues

Josh Dragomir K4c6zl
Father's Name: Philip Dragomir
Age: 51
Blood Status/Species: Human Pureblood
Occupation: Auror
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Serena Dragomir
Age: 49
Blood Status/Species: Human Pureblood
Occupation: Dragon Caretaker
Status: Living

Siblings: Nicholas Dragomir - Male, Pureblood, 15, Student.
Kana Dragomir - Female, Pureblood, 11, Student.

Children: N/A

Spouses/Partners: N/A

Pets: Ozzy - Male Great Horned Owl, age 7.

Other Key Members: N/A

Josh Dragomir 14ta1pl
Born Joshua Dragomir, he was born in Ontario, Canada by Philip and Serena Dragomir. Soon after Josh was born, they would find themselves moving to London, England, where he was raised for his entire life. In the years that followed, Josh would find himself with a younger brother in Nicholas (Age 15) and a younger sister in Kana (Age 11). Josh's mother, Serena, was known for her work with dragons, both caring for and breeding them. His father, Philip, or Phil, meanwhile, was a fully fledged Auror, one who Josh looked up to throughout his life. This would end up inspiring Josh to become an Auror himself, even if all he knew about being an Auror was taking on bad wizards, and looked up to his father as a superhero in that regard who he wanted to be just like when he grew up, without a lot of thought to what that would entail. Still, that desire to be an Auror didn't leave him even when he received his Hogwarts letter. Actually, it only strengthened and enforced that desire, that dream. Coming to Hogwarts, and being sorted into Gryffindor, he found himself over the years learning the tricks of the trade of Wizardry, and found himself a natural talent for learning spells, and even found that he had inherited his father's natural gift for duelling.

In terms of his studies, Dragomir could be considered above average. Definitely skilled when it came to his grades, but not to genius levels. He also struggled when it came to things such as Divination, History Of Magic, and Potions, but he still managed with time put in. During his years in Hogwarts, his personality formed, and he found himself to be outgoing, made friends easily, and was found to be a charismatic sort. Of course, as the years by, friends came and went. As did girlfriends. Quite a few, actually. Of course, it never went well, he never seemed to be able to find himself in a committed relationship for long. Surprisingly, the sixth year was rather uneventful for him. Deciding he wanted to try something new in order to help the days go by as he continued to study in hopes of being an Auror, he found himself signing up for the Gryffindor Quiddich Team, as a Beater. It was a new challenge for him, something he had considered for several years, but the teams had always been full whenever he had considered before....

Granted, his entire life had been uneventful up until now, at least, his Hogwarts life anyway. Things had gone without a hitch for the most part, but his dreams continued to burn bright. But with over a year left to go before he could graduate, what adventures would he perhaps find himself in?

Josh Dragomir 5fg840
The Dragomir Family are a respected English-Canadian Pureblood family, who's been known to never let the their blood status get to their heads, nor have they ever been ones to look down on others for being anything less then pure of blood. They have a history of partaking in careers such as Aurorship and other dangerous occupations, and are known to be quite charitable as well with their seemingly endless fortune. Of course, their different behavior in comparison to many rich and renowned Pureblood families has led to some resentment from those who feel that they are too soft-hearted and should be more proud of their blood status. While there are Dragomir family members worldwide, the known ones seem to flock to their known homelands of England and Canada.

Phil, Serena, and their children Joshua, Nicholas and Kana, currently live in Dragomir Manor, having moved there from a homestead in Toronto, Canada shortly after Joshua was born.

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Cassiopeia Malfoy
Hufflepuff Third Year
Hufflepuff Third Year
Cassiopeia Malfoy

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PostSubject: Re: Josh Dragomir   Josh Dragomir EmptySun Aug 14, 2016 2:51 pm

Josh Dragomir Wldg8g

Josh Dragomir 309rm2w
Never judge the book by it's cover (same goes for people)
Third Year Huff ~ Adventurer, Sarcastic
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Josh Dragomir
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