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 Apologetic Introductions (Open)

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Arabella Hendrix
Gryffindor Seventh Year
Gryffindor Seventh Year
Arabella Hendrix

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Apologetic Introductions (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Apologetic Introductions (Open)   Apologetic Introductions (Open) EmptyWed Aug 17, 2016 2:13 am

Arabella, as she awoke, almost didn't want to leave the soft confinements of her plush four poster bed that blocked the glaring sun with its thick red curtains but with a sharp knock at her door and the call of a familiar servant, she groaned loudly to declare to him that she was awake. His chuckle could be heard through the door and she threw open the curtains and prepared herself for the day. It was only after breakfast, her shower and throwing on skinny jeans and a guns n roses crop top; a way of her getting back at her mother was dressing herself in muggle attire and she threw on a leather jacket to top off the entire look, did the Gryffindor notice the note at the side of her bed. It was a note stating that she had been granted permission to go to Hogsmeade to buy more school items but Arabella knew she'd use the money for pranks and books.


Using the Floo network to get to Hogsmeade, Arabella brushed off dust from her body and brushed at her nose, crinkling it when a itch formed. This caused a dark smudge of dirt to be across the tip of her nose but she didn't notice, continuing her walk through the village. The corners of her lips twitched, curving up when she took a step back, allowing children to run past playing 'Tag' and she took a spin on the spot, trying to locate Tomes and Scrolls and with a happy 'Eureka!', she ventured forth. Pushing open the door, the little ding of a bell causing her to let out a tiny laugh, Arabella waved hello to the owner and found herself leaning against a bookshelf with a book tucked under her arm and another open wide in her hands. The ding of the bell met her ears before the shuffling of someone's feet caused her to walk down further into the depths of the store, a smile always present on her lips. She clearly didn't realise how close she was to the door when she barged into the person that just entered. "I am so sorry, I am such a silly tit." Arabella scolded herself, shaking her hand and looked up at the person, beaming wildly. "Arabella Hendrix. Please allow me to make up for my barging right into you!"
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Apologetic Introductions (Open)
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