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 Rodion Vasiliev

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Rodion Vasiliev
Shutnik Seventh Year
Shutnik Seventh Year

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PostSubject: Rodion Vasiliev   Sat Aug 20, 2016 5:58 am

Name: Rodion Axel Vasiliev
Nicknames: Rod or Rodi
Age: 17
Birthday: April 1, 1999
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: Kazan, Russia
Current Home: Kazan, Russia or Durmstrang
Nationality: Russian and Icelandic
School: Durmstrang
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 12 inches, Ebony, Serpent Scale, Springy, Hard

Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Rodion's hair is short, and it rises on top as it can be combed to look spiky.
Eye Color: Medium Blue
Body Type: Thin and Muscular
Height: 5.9
Other Distinguishing Features: Rodion has quite a bit of scars since growing up he tended to get into lots of fights, since he just loved cause mischief. And he will probably end up getting tattoos which will symbolize events that will happen in his life.
Clothing Style: Rodion tends to wear anything he finds is fitting or just what he feels like, which means he tends to wear jeans, t shirts, jackets, truly anything that your average teen boy would wear. Since he does not like dressing preppy since he finds whoever dresses preppy is somewhat gay or has no regard of fashion. Even though when he has to he will dress up in a suit.

- Girls ( he loves them )
- Sleeping With Girls
- Pranks
- Defensive Magic
- Being the center of attention
- Quidditch
- Partying
- His body

- Being caught
- Rule followers
- Being tricked ( he does the tricking not others on him )
- Dark Arts ( he does not side with the death eaters )
- Torture ( it freaks him out )
- Romantic things ( guys should not have to be romantic
- Commitment

- Commitment
- Girls
- Dark Arts
- Torture
- Reading

- Quidditch ( he loves it and he is good at it )
- Defensive Magic
- Causing Mischief
- Charming girls
- Pranks

Positive Traits:
- Charismatic
- Athletic
- Sociable
- Determined
- Funny

Negative Traits:
- Commitment Issues
- Heart-breaker
- Mischievous
- Cunning
- Manipulative
- Rebellious

Father's Name: Roman Svet Vasiliev
Age: 40
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Unspeakable and Former Khitrost
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Vera Diana Vasiliev ( nee Popov )
Age: 40
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Witch Weekly Journalist and Former Shutnik
Status: Living

Younger Sister's Name: Valetina Galina Vasiliev
Age: 15
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Durmstrang Fifth Year
Status: Living

Younger Brother's Name: Sergei Roman Vasiliev
Age: 13
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Durmstrang Third Year
Status: Living

Younger Brother's Name: Lukas Nikolas Vasiliev
Age: 11
Blood Status/Species:  Pureblood
Occupation: Durmstrang First Year
Status: Living

Rodion is the oldest child of Roman and Vera Vasiliev, and also a troublemaker from a young age. As well as being a ladies man since from as long as he remembered ladies swooned over how cute Rodion was. Which made Rodion smile since he loved the attention, and he loved being the oldest, but when he was two that all ended when he got a little sister name Valentina who would become his parents baby girl as well as their only girl, since they would produce boys instead of girls. So one could say his sister is a miracle girl, meanwhile his brothers are not exactly miracles.

Well aside that, Rodion had a life of privilege which meant he could simply get what he wanted without even trying. Which one could say he was charming from a young age since he tended to get the most out of his siblings since he was his parents heir. Rodion would be a boy who has everything and when he was four he showed his first signs of magic, which was by throwing a temper tantrum since he was going to have another brother even though that would grow up quick.

Since as time would go on, Rodion would grow to care about his siblings, and do anything to protect them, even if that meant him getting beat up or that he loved his siblings. As well as receiving his acceptance to Durmstrang, where had went and was placed in Shutnik, where he would also grow to be skilled at Quidditch although not so good in classes, and only doing good in classes such as Defensive classes, since he did not like torturing others like he was taught too.

Which led to Rodion tending to party when he got into his fourth year, and in his fifth year he began to sleep with girls, which would lead him to the manwhore he is today. Who wants anyone and he gets anyone, as well as what is beginning to annoy his siblings, since he is such a jerk, and also beginning to lead to his parents not being to thrilled with how he is acting. As well as him not liking the leaders of Durmstrang.  

The Vasiliev family had been a family with a sliver spoon ever since their first members, since they always had privilege and having money everywhere one could go. Leading most members of the family to be quite snotty and wanting things their way. As well as having descent of Russian and Icelandic, and being a family who valued their blood lines, even though some would tend to deal with it. Aside from that the Vasiliev family had been a family who had everything. As well as still do to this day, and has members who tend to think too highly of themselves.

Which is what many men in the family had, since every man of the family had been attractive, and could get anyone. So, one could say that perhaps handsome men is a gene for the family which is true. Since Rodion is attractive, and so are his brothers. The Vasiliev family would also be a family who would be known to support the Order with a surprise, since they have a problem with being told what they can and cannot do, since rules are one thing the Vasiliev family is known for.

Well in recent times the family has been becoming more accepting than they used to be, which is also leading them to having an heir who has no desire for commitment and rather be sleeping with girls than upholding his family's name. Which has led to them to be quite worried, and debating if Rodion should be heir and give it to his more smarter than brother. Even though people know that it would be Rodion who get it since he loves to get his way, and he knows his family knows that.
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Cassiopeia Malfoy
Hufflepuff Third Year
Hufflepuff Third Year

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PostSubject: Re: Rodion Vasiliev   Sat Aug 20, 2016 8:44 am


Never judge the book by it's cover (same goes for people)
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Rodion Vasiliev
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