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 Site Rules (MUST READ) Work in progres

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Site Rules (MUST READ) Work in progres Empty
PostSubject: Site Rules (MUST READ) Work in progres   Site Rules (MUST READ) Work in progres EmptyWed Sep 21, 2016 12:24 am

Hello Everyone!

Here are the rules we would like you to follow. Rules are here for reasons and if you don't follow them there is consequences. It would best if you just follow them. Also, it would be nice if we all just get along. No drama. If you see someone breaking rules, simply just say it to admin.


  • Your Character must have a First and Last name. (ex. Cassiopeia Malfoy).
  • Try to use varied of names, for first names and also for last names. (For the last name please check the person who has it already before if she/he wants any cousins, siblings etc).
  • After making an account you have a week time to make your application or we will delete your account. Here application is mandatory.


  • You have a week to start the application but you need to finish it withing two weeks of period time. So 14 days.
  • Well For Face Claims: It's must be someone famous. You can't use a your own picture or your friends. It can be a singer, actor/actress, model etc.
  • You can use any celebrity as your avatar but she/he must be at least 13 years old for you to use. Also, you can't use nude or very inappropriate photos, were is barely any close on isn't allowed too.
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated and will result in denial.
  • If we admins find your application incomplete we will put under your application pending and will send you a pm with explanation what is wrong with your app.


  • All posts must be in past tense, third person perspective. Example: "She walked into the cafe." instead of "I walk into the cafe."
  • There is widget what tells what month is currently. We change it out over some time. Also of course if you make a thread in November but it becomes December there then you don't have to changes month in the thread. Just continue with November.
  • No God-Modding ( unless given permission from an admin or the member itself )
  • No meta-gaming. You can’t use OOC knowledge in IC posts.
  • We would like to see you have at least 100 words in your posts. It would be nicer if it's more. But don't make one poster over 500 and then describe there most of the time how beautiful one thing is, like your wand or some other item. Give your RP partner something to write on.
  • This is a PG-13 which swearing and various sorts of topics are allowed since we know real life isn't perfect, but as for sex, we ask for you to not make it descriptive.
    Students sexual relationships are allowed, but only if they are 14 and Up. ( Nothing Younger Is Allowed )
  • For Babies/Children you can have them as adults any time when you want. But don't make your female adult be pregnant very many times in a row. For Students ask permission from Admin's since well student pregnancy isn't really that common thing. You need to give at least one of us why you want your student to be pregnant in first place. It's because having baby is big responsibility.

  • Your not allowed to write mature threads awhile being in Hogwarts.
  • Also be aware if you have some ability then you can't be master of it. You always can't make it work like you want.
  • Also not every student isn't prefect in everything she does, let them fail in some classes at times.
  • Every school year there will be new head girl/boy since they can be only seventh years. You can apply for perfect when you are in the fifth year but that doesn't mean always that you will end up to be the head girl your seventh year.


  • Would be nice if you choose yourself a job from job claims threads.
  • Adult is at least 17+ character who have graduated magical school already.
  • Your abilities now are so much better but not yet prefect when you have just recently graduated magical school. The more older you are the better you abilities are.


  • No Bullying! (Not even in chatbox. If you have problem with someone take it out of forum or just report admin about it)
  • Please be respectful to all the members and as well as the admins.
  • Cursing is allowed, but we do ask please be mindful for younger users which means not every OCC sentence should be filled with cursing. Your characters are allowed though.
  • Have fun!! Roleplaying is not be chore it is for fun, so please enjoy yourself and follow the rules.
  • You can make so many characters as you can handle. (If admins see you struggle to keep your characters active then we can limit your character making).
    You need to be active with all of your accounts so much as you can! If you need to go on leave more than 3 days then tell about it to admin. Even admins need to tell about it.

  • Signatures should be no more than 500x250
  • Photos only. No drawings or anime.
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Site Rules (MUST READ) Work in progres
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